2013 Season

Thornton Abbey Medieval & Monastic Field School 2013

Trench J Trench K Trench L Trench M

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The 2013 excavation season is now completed.

Excavations took place through July and August in 2013, and this year we shifted our focus away from the northern earthworks and to the south-east of the site. The four main trench locations are marked on the map below

Trench J continued to examine the eastern central precinct, and uncovered more medieval and post-dissolution features in this area, which had been hinted at in 2012's Trenches E and F. Trench K investigated the area thought to contain the abbot's lodge, a high status medieval building just to the south of the church. Various features to the north of the church were also identified through 2012's resistivity survey. These were explored by Trench L, and features potentially relating to a post-medieval stone house were quickly revealed. The final trench, Trench M, excavated a part of the large artificial raised mound to the south of the central precinct. This work revealled what might be evidence for the location of medieval hospital buildings.

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